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Interregional Conference "Ethics of Peter Alexseyevich Kropotkin and the Problem of Correlation of Morality and Law: Results and Perspectives" took place at the Kutafin Moscow State University (MSAL) on September 25-26, September 30, 2015. The Conference is the result of cooperation between the two clubs, namely, the Moscow-Petersburg Philosophical Club headed by the Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Abdusalam Huseynov, and the philosophy and law club "The moral dimension of law" presided over by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy and Social and Economic Disciplines of the Kutafin Moscow State Academy of Law (MSAL), Vyacheslav Artemov. The theme itself was initiated by Academician Abdusalam Huseynov, which could not but attract the attention of the philosophical community. The Conference was also influenced by the long-lasting cooperation with the Department of Ethics of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Lomonosov Moscow State University headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Alexander Rasin. Our University hosted prominent scholars representing various branches of philosophy, ethics, law and other social sciences and humanities, experienced lecturers and authoritative public figures of Moscow and St. Petersburg. An atmosphere of creativity reigned in the main hall of the leading Russian law school. Vyacheslav Artemov opened and presided over the Conference sessions. The Vice-Rector for Research of the Kutafin Moscow State University (MSAL), Professor Vladimir Sinyukov made his opening speech that can be considered as an interesting report itself. In his opening speech Abdusalam Huseynov, having drawn attention to the fact of cooperation of clubs and sensitive theme of the discussion, showed his appreciation of the University Hosting the Conference for their freedom of thought and courage. It took one academician, twelve doctors, ten candidates, several young lecturers, graduate students and five students only three days to make 29 reports. The main purpose of the project to initiate joint search for philosophers, ethicists, sociologists, historians, lawyers and other professionals working in the direction of strengthening morality in law was successfully achieved. The club "The Moral Dimension of Law" is ready to engage more professors and lecturers, enter other research fields and carry out expert ethical review.

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О. В. Малюкова
Университет имени О.Е. Кутафина (МГЮА)

Список литературы

1. Проблемы судебной этики / под ред. М. С. Строговича. М. : Наука, 1974. С. 28

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Малюкова О.В. КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИЙ ИМПЕРАТИВ ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНОЙ ЭТИКИ. Lex russica (Русский закон). 2016;(1):191-195.

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