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The author’s attention is focused on the dialogue as the most important mechanism facilitating the formation of trust in politics. A detailed resort to modern social and political realities makes it possible to identify the reasons for the dynamics of trust depending on the socio-cultural environment, political processes and legal regulation. On the one hand, dialogue mechanisms of trust assume openness, creativity, dynamics, due to which trust becomes a “constructor” of the political and legal environment. This allows the dialogue to be a mobile construction that is adaptive to external risks. On the other hand, trust in the socio-political environment is determined by institutions and is impossible without following clear rules, norms, procedures. The article examines the factor of distrust that plays not only a destructive role, but also a positive role of “insuring” subjects of political and legal relations. “The right to distrust” is one of the elements of democracy, and “inevitability”of trust is manifested in the need to find compromises in a pluralistic environment of a democratic society. By singling out a homogeneous and heterogeneous trust environment, the author justifies the priority of the latter. At the same time, the democratic environment of trust presupposes the effects of “forced” trust, when it is formed under the conditions of limited choice. An indicator that shows trust/distrust on behalf of the authorities in relation to the civil society and vice versa is the electoral system.

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С. В. Володина
Московский государственный юридический университет имени О.Е. Кутафина (МГЮА)

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Володина С.В. ДИАЛОГ И ДОВЕРИЕ: ЮРИДИЧЕСКИЕ НОРМЫ И ПОЛИТИЧЕСКИЕ ПРАКТИКИ. Lex russica (Русский закон). 2018;(8):88-95.

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Volodina S.V. A DIALOGUE AND TRUST: LEGAL NORMS AND POLITICAL PRACTICES. Lex Russica. 2018;(8):88-95. (In Russ.)

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